English Tuition
with Christine Fox
English Tuition in North London
With Christine Fox  B.Ed. (Hons.), A.C.S.D., M.A.

I have been teaching English for over 30 years, from Common Entrance level up to GCSE, AS Level and A Level.

For a number of years I taught the subject in schools in London, then switched to running my own classes in English Literature for adults, and tutoring children and adults privately. Over a six year period up to 2008, and in addition to my private work, I also taught English and Drama to children who had been excluded from school because of behavioural or learning difficulties.

I also write and act, and I think that the satisfaction I have always derived from using words creatively both in writing and speaking has helped to keep my teaching fresh and alive and my students interested.

I live a few minutes walk from South End Green, in NW3.