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Only a teacher as inspiring and as competent as Mrs Fox could have achieved what she has: let my maths-loving son discover the relevance, fun and beauty of English. This, together with her substantial experience as a teacher, had a quick and very positive impact on his performance.

Mrs Fox prepared our son for his Common Entrance exams very well. She also gave him something more important: lifelong skills and interest in English. I believe that we are very lucky to have met her.

Dr Dima Abdulrahim
London N1

Mrs Fox is an outstanding tutor who taught me English in a fun, creative way. Without her help I would not have done as well in my exams.

Jad Jimpson (Age 10)
London N4

I went to see Christine for English tuition when I was 13 years old and continued to see her until I sat my GCSEs.

Initially, when I saw Christine for tuition, I was struggling in my lessons at school and with the homework. My spelling and grasp of grammar were poor and I found it hard to keep up with my peers. I felt that Christine treated me like an adult and had a calm methodical approach when teaching. Each week I would leave my tuition with a better understanding of English, thus enabling me to keep up with my lessons and prepare myself for taking my GCSEs.

The difference Christine has made to my education is astounding. Thanks to her, I was awarded two Bs in English Literature and Language at GCSE and from here she also advised me when moving on to ‘A’ Levels.

Christine has not only helped me in an academic sense but has also mentored me throughout my life. She has been a very positive influence on me and has provided me with support and guidance for many years. I would not hesitate in recommending her as an English Tutor.

Gabrielle Looney
London NW3

Christine taught me GCSE English when I was fourteen, and thirty years later I still have vivid memories of her truly inspirational lessons. She has a real passion and in-depth knowledge of her subject which she communicates beautifully. My love of English literature, awakened early in my childhood, was nurtured further by Christine, Her expertise and enthusiasm encouraged me to read avidly. I have particularly fond memories of our classes on ‘Villette’ by Charlotte Brontë and Wilfred Owen’s war poetry. Her teaching of these gave me a lifelong passion for the classics which I have passed on to my children.

More recently, Christine taught my son, Lucien, for his Common Entrance exams. Unlike the majority of 11 plus tutors, Christine is a genuine expert in the subject with over thirty years’ teaching experience. Lucien found her lessons exciting and exceedingly helpful, in particular in teaching him the all important exam technique for tackling a comprehension. I have no doubt that his excellent results in English were largely due to Christine’s input. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a wonderful teacher.

Clare Stewart,

Christine prepared our son for his English Literature A Level over a period of eight months. She was his sole teacher. Not only did he find the learning experience stimulating and enjoyable but he also achieved a B grade, aged sixteen, and a year in advance of his other A levels.

Christine taught the set texts with enthusiasm and clarity, communicating her own engagement with the subject, making her tutorials more than just a means to an end in gaining a qualification but also an education in the real sense.

Janet and Jan Goddard,