Writer Christine Fox
— Writer, Actor

2018, Woman and Voice, ‘ROCKABY’, George Savona

2011 – 2016, Stage, Devised Performances, Netherlands

2009/2010, Voice Over, Social Workers OPEN UNIVERSITY, BBC, Sarah Carr

2008, Stage, Miss Prism ‘THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST’, Andy Taylor

2003, Stage, Titania, ’A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM’, Christopher Davies

2002, Charlotte, ‘TEA 4 TWO’, The People Show, Amelia Pimlott

2002, Stage Xenia, ‘SUMMER’ , Dir. Bijan Sheibani. Advisor: Edward Bond

’Thanks for playing Xenia in Summer…Normally actresses show only her anger and imperiousness, not the reasons for these things, not the vulnerability – in your performance her pain seemed to shine through every part of her like light through stained glass, it was even in the agitated hands – was there even when you were still…….I hope you are pleased with yourself – you should be.’ – Edward Bond, Personal communication.

1987, Stage, The Woman, THE DIVIDED SOUL (writer and performer), Dir: Christopher Davies

Woman and voice in Samuel Beckett’s ‘ROCKABY’
Woman and voice in Samuel Beckett’s ‘ROCKABY’